Video Conference

Technology is moving at an incredible pace and the need to communicate is becoming more and more imperative and necessary.
KalemisBros Electronics undertakes the study, supply and installation of conference teleconferencing systems, whether this refers to a small Conference Room for 4 people or to systems of 300 users with many cameras, microphones and the possibility of electronic voting in Municipal Councils, etc.

Queue management

KalemisBros Electronics has been supporting customer management in public and private sector services for a decade.
Today and having developed collaborations with strategic partners from the International market, we have the ability to undertake and successfully complete every requirement of our customers with a combination of offline & online management.

Our customers are small and medium-sized businesses from the entire range of commercial activities, Super Markets, fast food stores, restaurants, hotels and Municipal Authorities throughout Greece. Examples include the Athens Concert Hall, the National Theatre, Municipal Authorities in Crete and the Peloponnese, as well as Banking Institutions.